I’m Claire and I’m a wedding and motherhood photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am dedicated to capturing timeless memories through a genuine experience for my clients.









One of the best parts about my job is the opportunity to travel. In June, I flew out of the country for a wedding in Cancun and a couple short weeks later, I was a North Dakota wedding photographer for the day. It was an honor and a privilege to photograph Ryan and Catalina’s wedding day in Minot, ND! 

Their day was so special and I won’t forget it. Ryan was born and raised in North Dakota and Catalina is from Colombia. It was so beautiful to see two cultures unite together to become one. Through the ups and downs, these two have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together and I can tell you their wedding was perfect. 

So many joyful tears were shed throughout the day. During the first look, Ryan couldn’t stop saying, “How is this even possible that someone can look so beautiful?!” I couldn’t believe it either, but it was true- Catalina was actually a vision in white! She looked like an angel. During their private vows, it was so evident how much these two cared for each other. More tears were shed and lots of laughs too. Catalina promised Ryan she wouldn’t bother him during hunting season! 

The day continued on with a heartfelt ceremony. Ryan’s sweet mom couldn’t hold back her emotions as her son walked her down the aisle. Catalina choked up as she gave her promises and vows to Ryan. It was a ceremony centered on Jesus and it would be hard for anyone to not get emotional. 

The reception was filled with lots of joy and I especially loved the grand entrance. The DJ for the evening introduced the newlyweds first, then had each couple from the bridal party announced and stand with Ryan and Catalina. Each member of the bridal party was recognized by their relationship with the couple and some fun facts about them! It made the entrance fun, entertaining and one I won’t forget. 

After the first dances, we snuck out for some get away photos and oh my were they worth it! We didn’t get a sunset, but I hardly noticed because Ryan and Catalina looked so good. Catalina slipped into something a little comfier and rocked her reception dress! Keep scrolling to see for yourself! 

Thank you Ryan and Catalina for a wonderful day. I loved being a North Dakota wedding photographer for the weekend and getting to know this sweet couple. 


Venue: Barn at 52 Pines

Photography: Claire Chantel Photography

Video: Wyatt Pladson

Hair: Hairstyles by Nita Jessop 

DJ/Host: Bill Hermann Entertainment